colin-wayne-armyEarly Days

I was born on Aug 25, 1989 in Huntsville, AL. I always had a small but athletic frame growing up. I played all types of typical sports (football, baseball, basketball, soccer). When I started high school, I pursued JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) and wanted to pursue a career in the military. On Sep 26, 2006, I enlisted in the Alabama Army National Guard, a month after my 17th birthday. A few weeks later, I shipped off to Basic training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) as Military Police. I was at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri for 22 weeks and six days. I deployed to Cairo, Egypt in support of Operation Bright Star in late 2008.

The Military

In between deployments, I worked as a Security Operations Manager for a gated retirement facility where I was the youngest on staff. I supervised over twenty other security guards. I resigned in 2009 to deploy to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Returned home in 2010. In June 2011, the best thing in my life happened – my son was born. Late 2012, I went into (Inactive National Guard) and deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as a DoD civilian contractor. On May 3, 2012, a 107mm rocket hit only three and half feet from the gym in which I was working out. I was medically evacuated twice and seven days later, I arrived back in the US to do further treatment and rehabilitation. I sustained a lumbar contusion at L1-L3 in my back, permanent tinnitus in my left ear, and shrapnel to both arms, my stomach, and one piece went all the way through my leg missing my shinbone by mere centimeters.

Professional Model/ Athletecolin-wayne-widgets-2

In December of 2012, I shot with Golden (Furious Fotog) and Dec 29, 2012, I launched my Facebook fan page. Since then, I got picked up by the best fitness modelling agency in the USA, and have shot with several of the United States best photographers from NYC, LA, Miami, Ohio, Tampa and everywhere in between. In March of 2013, I got sponsored by SHREDZ and am the face of the company for physique. In short, I started training in 2009 right before my deployment to Iraq at 145lbs, and have been training nonstop ever since. “Train insane or stay the same.” Internationally published for the following:

  • IRONMAN Australia (cover)
  • Mens Fitness Australia (cover)
  • Muscle & Fitness Spain (cover)
  • Vanity Hype x2 (cover)
  • Mens Physique USA (cover)
  • Masculine Magazine (cover)
  • MFM (cover)
  • Duemilla Magazine (cover)
  • Shock Magazine Spain (cover)
  • Faith and Fitness Magazine USA (cover)
  • Featured in Flex Magazine
  • RX Muscle,
  • Inkspired Magazine
  • Hoboken Magazine